Tuscarora’s Ultimate Frisbee Attracts Attention

IMG_6005.PNGBy: Hanna Duenkel

One of Tuscarora’s newest rising clubs is the Ultimate Frisbee Club. Conceived by co-presidents and juniors Jared McGee, Bryce Pearson, Gavin Kohl, and John Heberle, the club has been gaining members and popularity through its posts on Twitter and interesting practices, as well as how it’s been broadcasted by the members.  Currently, the club has over fifty members from all grades and plans to expand and play every high school team in the county, according to McGee and Pearson.

“The club was around last year as well, but it wasn’t nearly as popular as it is this year.  This year, [those] who were not aware that we had a club and who had formed their own group of ultimate players came into contact with us, and we combined and became one large club.  Also there are a lot of interested freshmen and sophomores that we didn’t have last year,” said McGee.  “We wanted to have a way to organize games of ultimate within the school and even between other schools, as well as to teach others about the game of ultimate and have a lot of fun.”

While the Frisbee club does not have a set schedule, they organize games and alert their members through their Remind 101 or their Twitter account, @THSUltimate.  They do hold practices every other Sunday, and also call impromptu scrimmages on snow days or other afternoons at the presidents’ discretion.

The Ultimate Frisbee Club’s official season begins in the spring, but the team has scrimmaged the Loudoun County High School team several times over the fall and winter, honing their skills for the upcoming season and preparing their team for their competition.  While their schedule is indefinite, they plan to play Potomac Falls and Briar Woods along with Loudoun County during this upcoming spring season.