Tuscarora Hosts Valentine’s Day Fundraisers


Photo by Madeline Swank

Photo by Madeline Swank
Photo by Madeline Swank

By Madeline Swank

This Valentine’s Day, Key Club, DECA, and SCA are running fundraisers to bring about the Valentine’s spirit.

Key Club is encouraging students to buy a “Crush for your crush.” Students can buy a can of Crush soda to send to another student at lunch for $2 this week. The soda also comes with a personalized message attached. The Crush sodas will be distributed in advisory on February 17th. All proceeds of the fundraiser go to Neonatal tetanus charity.

The Sing-a-grams, organized by DECA, can be purchased at lunch for $5. Along with a song performed by a music student, recipients of the Sing-a-grams receive a rose, a lollipop and a personalized message. Sing-a-grams will be distributed on Friday 13th, during classes. The songs available are: Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, Lucky by Jason Mraz, Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, All of Me by John Legend, Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift, and Bubbly by Colbie Caillat.

Finally, the SCA is using a survey to show students who their potential matches are. Students have filled out surveys during lunch, and can buy their “match” results for $3 during lunch shifts on Wednesday, February 11th through Friday, February 13th. All proceeds go to the SCA, who pays for events such as homecoming, the powder puff, and spirit supplies.