Huskies say ‘Oui’ to National French Week


picBy Sharon Shatananda

Remember last year, when it seemed the whole school was walking around with matching stickers and mustaches on sticks? That time of the year is fast approaching again.

This special mustache-wearing, croissant-eating, French-speaking week of the year is called National French Week (NFW.)  As always, it will be sponsored by the French Club, and this year will be celebrated from November 5th-13th.

“The goal of NFW is to expose everyone to the French language and culture in a fun way, as well as getting as much of the student body involved as possible,” explained senior Emmel El-Fiky, Vice-President of the French Club.

Each day, the French club will participate in different activities to spread the love of French throughout the school. Here is your day-to-day guide, so that you can both support the club and enjoy a pastry along the way:

On Wednesday the 5th, members of the French club will kick off the festivities by passing out ‘Bonjour’ stickers in the morning and throughout the day to spread awareness about the upcoming week. Make sure to get one, and wear it with pride.

The next day, November 6th, the club will host a bake-sale in the main foyer after school. The baked goods will be made by French club members, and will include croissants. The bake-sale is one of the most popular events during NFW;  food always draws a crowd. “It’s really cool getting to see non-French Club students get excited about all the treats,” El Fiky said. All proceeds go towards supporting the club’s future events and projects, such as the annual cheese and chocolate tasting, provided for members at the beginning of each school year.

The following Tuesday, November 11th, the French and German clubs will compete in a “Franco-Prussian War” after-school in the language hallways. The clubs will compete against each other in several games. In the past, the competition featured bowling with oranges, and crab-walk races for the stuffed Husky trophy. The French Club is looking to dominate this year’s War, hoping to reign supreme for the 3rd year in a row.

That Thursday the 13th, the club will finish NFW with a bang with a short-film viewing in Mme. Rainey’s classroom during FLEX 4. The films will be in French (with English subtitles, don’t worry) and everyone one is welcome.

By the end of the week, you are guaranteed to know at least one French word, and maybe even a few more, if you paid attention.