Top 5 Holidays in April That You Never Knew Existed

By Sharon Shatananda

1. Stress Awareness Month

Though it seems that April should evoke thoughts of blooming tulips and spring rain,  most also imagine AP test prep books and SOL review worksheets piling up. In the light of AP exams looming ahead and the backlash of our 14 snow days, it seems National Stress Awareness Month might have been placed perfectly for April.

2. Name Yourself Day- April 9th

It makes almost no sense that each person’s life-long identity is determined by someone else. Whoever came up with this day had it right, though enforcing a completely new name for a single day might be difficult. Whether the chosen name is normal, like Joe, a cardinal direction, or a type of fruit, take April 9th as a day for temporary re-invention – and to mess with friends of course.

3. National High Five Day- April 17th

Give em’ a high five! NH5D (National High 5 Day) was started in 2002 at the University of Virginia. On the third Thursday in April, people all over the country high-five strangers all day, whether it be to brighten someone’s day, or to support NH5D charities like a High-5-A-Thon to raise money for cancer research.

4. Take a Chance Day- April 23rd

Most people are guilty of living a little too close to their comfort zones. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you,” which seems like a perfect way to create stress, but that’s exactly the point. There is no way to discover or learn anything new by continuing to do what you’ve always done. Roosevelt was saying that every day is a chance to look at fear and belittle it.

5. Tell a Story Day- April 27th

A PowerPoint is slightly more interesting than a lecture, but a story is drastically more engaging than speech. Stories always manage to stick just a little bit better than a few slides of notes does. And just as a story can better engage a classroom, an exciting tale is more likely to keep other people’s attention as well. Whether it be a parody of Cinderella, or just the story of the morning, honor Tell a Story Day on Thursday, April 27th.