Leaving it Behind: Why Students Aren’t Returning to Their Sports

By Delaney Casten

Sports are a major aspect of any high school, and Tuscarora’s sports program does not disappoint. Many students participates in Tuscarora athletics, either by cheering on the sidelines or participating in sports.  Playing a sport is a great way to get involved in high school, but some students choose to only play for a few of the four years they are eligible.

Junior year is often said to be the toughest year of high school. Some students take as many as five AP classes, so it’s no wonder that many athletes choose not to participate in sports during 11th grade.

“School comes first,” said junior and former varsity soccer player Colby Evans. “I do want to try out again next year, though.”

“It was hard to make the decision of not trying out this year, but I needed to focus on my studies,” Evans added.

While some athletes choose not to return to the sports program at all, others switch to a different sport. “Since I ran cross country in the fall, I wanted to try out for the track team,” says former JV soccer player and sophomore Madelyn Lazorchak.  “I like the track team, and it’s a better fit for me since I prefer running [to] playing soccer.”

Even though some student athletes did not return to the sport they had previously played, they are still able to participate by cheering on the teams during games.”I’m trying to come out to as many games as I can to cheer on my old teammates,” says Evans.

When athletes begin high school, they probably predict they will be playing their sport for all four years, but different factors such as academics or even a change of mind towards the sport can influence them to make a different decision. “I play soccer for my travel team, and I always assumed I would play all through high school, but academics got in the way,” says Evans

Regardless of their choices, participating in sports, even for just a year, still adds to the high school experience and can make anyone feel more a part of the school.