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To the Editor,

The students of Tuscarora are being held captive by Clarity. While many students believe that Clarity is a blessing, I see it more as a curse because it only creates more stress for the school’s students.

I graduated in 2013, and during my time at Tuscarora I witnessed firsthand the stress and turmoil that students went through. The worst scenario I witnessed was a student breaking down into tears over her Clarity grade. You’re probably thinking it was something awful, like an F or a D.

It was an A.

When I witnessed this, I began to worry for not just my own class, but the school as a whole. My mind started to think of awful outcomes and I started making it a point to avoid Clarity at all costs, as it seemed to do nothing but cause more stress for the students around me.

In college, I’m not able to check my grade whenever I please. If I want to know how I’m doing in a course, I need to meet with my professor during their office hours. I’m worried that the students that frequently use Clarity will find it difficult to adjust to this.

How can this be fixed? I believe students meeting with their teachers to discuss their grades would be a fine solution. After all, isn’t that what FLEX is for? This not only eliminates the Compulsive Clarity Disorder, but will also help build a relationship between teacher and student.

And if you’re a student who has this obsession with Clarity, I want you to take a deep breath. Do not over stress about high school. You should be enjoying it, not punishing yourself because somewhere along the lines you started to think that an A just isn’t good enough. Close Clarity, have confidence in your education, and enjoy high school.


Tyler Garling

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