Faculty-Senior Basketball Game Successful: Seniors Beat Faculty 52-51

Faculty-Senior Basketball Game Successful: Seniors Beat Faculty 52-51

By Rikki Pepino

Tuscarora’s March Madness kicked off on Tuesday, March 11, with the faculty-senior basketball game. Seniors were victorious against the faculty basketball team, with a very close score of 52-51.

The roster of the seniors included Joey Harrison, Spencer Hayes, Tova Yarbrough, Jordan Roach, Anders Peterson, Richie Todd, John Boris, Drake Etheridge, Ryan Sheehan, Brady Kaplan, Colleen Heberle, Logan Cromwell, Jazmyne Howard, and Abby Henson. Throughout the game, the crowd often cheered as Roach and Yarbrough pumped up the crowd with incredible dunks and exhilarating fast breaks.

The faculty team included Mr. Malone, Mr. Newkirk, Mr. Brosius, Ms. Lane, Ms. Kotarsky, Mr. McNutt, Mr. McNamara, Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Wheelbarger, Mr. Gisseman, and Mr. Cashman.

“The faculty team’s roster [looked] really good in that game,” said junior Brian Espinal. “I didn’t know the teachers could play basketball like that.”

The 1st quarter of the 40-minute game started with faculty taking the lead in the first 10 minutes of the game. Students took the lead in a 4-0 run, ending the quarter with a lead of 25-22.

The final quarter ended with the seniors narrowly beating the faculty, scoring a 3-pointer in the last few seconds of the game.

“This game was so good and lively!” said junior Thomas Kronenberg. “The crowd was really energetic. Pitting seniors against faculty members was a great way to kick off March Madness!”