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By Megan Cohen

Life is weird. There’s all kinds of things we’re expected to know without any prior knowledge. We could all use a few “hacks,” if you will — ways to get around life’s biggest and most frustrating obstacles. If you find yourself stuck in yet another rut, maybe it’s time you give Lifehack a try.

No matter who you are, there is an article on Lifehack that applies to you and your life. You could be writing an application essay for college, or deciding whether or not you should even go. Maybe you’re looking for ways to make money, or ways to spend all the cash you’re swimming in (let’s face it, none of us are). Regardless of your situation, Lifehack can lend you a surprising amount of help.

There are six primary categories in Lifehack: communication, lifestyle, money, productivity, technology, and work. Sounds good already, doesn’t it? Mousing over a category displays the most popular articles, as well as a link to all the others. But fear not, lost one, because you don’t have to go through page after page to find what you’re looking for. You can just search for keywords.

For instance, simply typing in “body image” directs you to tips on how to stop obsessing over your physical appearance. The word “breakup” guides you to a page with eight secrets to getting over one. These kinds of articles showcase Lifehack’s best attributes: It’s well-written, helpful, and versatile. Not only can you figure out how to manage your money or get a job, you can be motivated to exercise or get through a tough day.

Let’s say you think you’d enjoy writing Lifehacks as much as you enjoy reading them. Contributing to Lifehack is another option, provided that your application is accepted. The process is simple enough, and, if testimonials are any indication, writing for Lifehack can expose you to some  great experiences.

No matter the age, attitude, or ability, Lifehack can serve everyone in some way. This isn’t just your typical self-help site—it has tips that you can actually utilize, all having to do with topics that are either relatable or interesting. Before you make any more major decisions in life, check out

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