Keyed In: The Hunt

By Megan Cohen

If you’re an avid member of Tumblr like I was once, or just a frequent Internet browser, you may have come across multiple pictures of clothing, jewelry, technology, or furniture that you instantly find yourself coveting. The problem is, you have no idea where you could buy such a thing, as most of these pictures rarely have a convenient link. Luckily, we have access to a site called The Hunt.

I used to be on Tumblr, and would often find pictures of model-like women wearing the greatest ensembles I’d ever seen. Witty T-shirts and unique leggings were just some of the things I discovered on my Internet adventures. Often times, I found myself as frustrated as I was intrigued by what I found, having no idea where to acquire such things. So when I first caught wind of The Hunt, my mind was pretty much blown.

The Hunt is basically a giant forum where people post pictures of things they’ve found online. It could be an outfit, iPhone case, or even a certain dessert they want the recipe for. If they’re lucky, within a few days, someone knowledgeable will reply to the post with a link to a video, webpage, or online store that has what this person wants.

Just because you haven’t posted it doesn’t mean you can’t find out its origins too. The Hunt gives you the option to follow the post and notify you when someone has replied with a link.  No matter what you need to find out, you can ask The Hunt.

You may be rather picky, and ask that someone find you exactly what’s in the picture, or be a bit more forgiving and settle for something similar. Regardless, you’re sure to find whatever it is you’ve taken a liking to or been searching for.

The Hunt also serves as a way of online shopping, as you can search for any kind of clothing item, accessory, or homeware item. Even certain couches have been identified on the site. But if you’re looking for something as simple as a shirt, you can type it in and see what kinds of shirts people have found all over the web.

Whether you’re shopping for gifts, yourself, or just want to know where in the world you can buy a certain kind of Oreo, The Hunt is perfect for all your browsing needs. So before you pull your hair out looking at your Tumblr dashboard, visit