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2010 Movies Year in Review

By Lili Samios & Dagney Palmer
Forgotten movie
Shutter Island- Though not nominated for any Academy Awards, this movie took you on a trip. It kept you in suspense, and the ending was unpredictable. As the year has gone on, Shutter Island has been outmatched by the emergence of other hit movies, but this movie was still good enough to be mentioned.
Just Plain Horrible
The Last Airbender- Based on the much loved television series, this movie was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, whose previous movies have been successful, but this movie fell way short. It was a mixture of stupid, cheesy, stupid, and definitely not worth seeing. The effects sucked, the acting sucked, the plot was changed; pretty much everything about this movie fell short of what was expected.
Inception- When it came out this movie was instantly popular, with its amazing cast and twisty plot. It may not have won many awards but this highly confusing movie is worth watching. This instant hit entranced many and kept people talking for some time after its release.
Worst popular film
Twilight Saga; Eclipse- Unfortunately, the Twilight Saga, based on books about sparkly vampires, continues to grow popular; teenage girls never seem to grow tired of it. This movie was boring, and the acting was cheesy. So unless you are also in love with Robert Pattinson, don’t see this movie.
Best Movie
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- This movie was of course very popular, based on the intensely popular book series. This was the second to last installment of this series. This movie was good because it stuck to the plot of the book, but unlike the book, it didn’t get boring in the middle. The animated story in the film was absolutely amazing; everyone should take a chance to see this movie.

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