As Sweet as Sugar

As Sweet as Sugar

By Sean Cassar

Over the past year, Leesburg has expanded rapidly. Stores and restaurants have opened, bombarding shoppers with their sales and locations to attract business. One business stayed under the radar.

Sweets Bakery, located near the Shoppers on Edwards Ferry, is a wonderful small bakery. When you walk through doors, you are hit with the aroma of baking bread and sugary sweets. The decor is modern but cozy. Greeting you are workers making sure you receive the best service possible. They help you select your desired homemade pastry from the many types and flavors. Once you have made your selection, prepare your tastebuds.

These aren’t ordinary cupcakes. They are a work of art. The tops are neatly piled with frosting and individually designed. Some are dipped in decorated chocolate shells which holds the frosting in place and add an original touch. All the cupcakes are filled with frosting, cream, or even fruit, which can be an unexpected gift.

Sweets’ prices don’t express the amount of time and effort that goes into each cupcake. One cupcake is $3.07, which is less compared to the $4 a cupcake at Cupcake Actually near Cobb Theater.

Cupcakes are not the only delicacy of the bakery. They also make cookies, brownies, and cakes. Besides sweets, they have delicious soup and sandwiches for those not in the mood for something sweet.

Sweets Bakery is a nice addition to the leesburg area, and adds an original recipe to the mix of restaurants. A trip here makes for one sweet time.