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Seniors Share Their Expectations for College

By Zech Capco

It’s hard to believe that graduation is right around the corner for the class of 2014. Soon, seniors are going to have to prepare for the long road ahead. Everyone has different expectations, but for the most part, seniors seem to be excited for the coming years.

Senior John Camp is planning on attending Johnson and Wales University in North Carolina and is looking forward to the independence that college life will grant him. “I’m really excited for college because I’ll finally be able to live on my own,” said Camp.

Not all of college will be fun and games, however, as Ryan Butterfield described. “I’m expecting college to be really challenging because of the courses and amount you have to do for each course. On top of that, college is going to be nothing like high school, so I think a lot of people are going to be shocked when things like retakes on tests aren’t offered in college level courses.”

Butterfield did take note of the perks of being a college student, saying, “Even though it may be stressful, I’ll have so much more freedom and I can do most things the way I want to. I feel like I’ll really enjoy my time in college.”

Forrest Lee, who plans on transferring to Virginia Tech after spending two years at the Northern Virginia Community College through the Pathways programs, expects college to be a challenge, saying, “I expect college to be a test of my ability to stay on top of assignments. Nobody is going to hold my hand through it and let me redo assignments I did poorly on or turned in late.”

Lee went on to describe how he feels about leaving high school, saying, “I feel pretty good about leaving high school and moving on to college because that’s a major step in a person’s life.”

In the end, different people have different expectations. Every individual has their own unique expectations for the road ahead of them and whether or not those expectations are met is completely up to the individual.

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