Adventure Comes in All Sizes: Kylie Fleming

By: Meilan Solly
LEESBURG, defines adventurous as “full of risk; requiring courage; hazardous; an adventurous undertaking.” Activities which may full under the category of adventurous include white water rafting, exploring mountain caverns, and bungee jumping. However, some events in life are adventurous but not nearly as drastic as the ones listed above. Performing in a play, telling someone you love them, or standing up for what you believe in are also adventurous actions. In order to find someone who has done all, or at least most of the challenges listed above, look no further than this Tuscarora freshman: Kylie Fleming.
Rock climbing (and not on “fake walls”), caving (defined here as exploring caves), and white water rafting are just a few of Fleming’s favorite adventures. “I can’t do slow things,” she explains. Fleming is the goalie on the varsity soccer team at school, is in the marching band, takes honors classes, and already has a goal for her career. She wants to become a marine biologist or environmental scientist because she loves animals. Although she always listens when her science teacher talks, Fleming has not done much else to prepare for these possible careers. “I went snorkeling,” she says with a laugh.
Fleming may be a famous marine biologist someday, but for now she is stuck at Tuscarora High School. However, stuck is entirely the wrong word to describe how Fleming feels about her school. “It’s a really fun place to be and the academics are pretty good,” she declares. “Everybody seems so happy.” There is one thing Fleming would like to change about Tuscarora, though: the time between classes. Her ideal time would be 10 minutes instead of the current 6. If Fleming were to change one thing about herself this year, she says she would “do my work on time and not procrastinate.” All qualms aside, Fleming adores Tuscarora, the main word she uses to highlight her experience being “fun.”
Another reason why Fleming likes going to Tuscarora is because she’s on their varsity soccer team. She’s been playing since she was four and loves the sport because “it’s physical, really fun, and fast paced.” Most of Fleming’s friends know her as a soccer and marching band fanatic, but little do they know that she has changed a lot over the years. “I did ballet and ice skating when I was younger,” she admits.
Kylie Fleming, a freshman and aspiring marine biologist, describes herself as “athletic, hyper, smart, funny, and creative.” She is involved in several activities in school, such as marching band and varsity soccer, but only one trait identifies her best. According to, adventurous means “full of risk; requiring courage”; however, when defined by Kylie Fleming, adventurous means Kylie Fleming.