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The Q Company Food Review


By Jack Minchew20131205_192048

Barbeque is, without a doubt, one of my favorite cuisines. A quintessential American dish that originated in Southern “barbeque joints” and has since spread across the country, barbeque is interesting in that, unlike many other popular American cuisines, it has retained its regional differences.

Memphis style is known for its chopped pork and ribs, North Carolina for its pulled pork and vinegar-based sauces, South Carolina for its “Carolina Gold” mustard sauces, Kansas City for its sweet molasses and tomato flavor, and Texas for its beef brisket and smoky flavor. Perhaps due to geography, North Carolina and Memphis style are by far the most common varieties in our area, and it is almost impossible to find any other styles. I was excited, therefore, when a restaurant that marketed itself as a Texas barbeque joint opened up in Leesburg.

When I went to eat at The Q Company (located on Catoctin Circle near the Post Office and across from Cardinal Bank), the first thing I noticed was a group of motorcycles parked adjacent to the building and their accompanying bikers having a good time outside by a fire pit. For some unknown reason, bikers generally have an uncanny ability to locate quality BBQ, a fact that only furthered my excitement.

The interior of The Q Company was impressive. Burnt orange walls and a massive Lone Star flag combined to give off an aura that was so quintessentially Texas that I half expected to see Chuck Norris or George W. Bush come walking in. The tables were a bit tight, and the service was average, but you don’t really come to a barbeque joint for fine dining.

I ordered the two meat dinner, looking to try out the beef brisket and the smoked sausage, the mainstays of Texan BBQ. I also ordered the BBQ beans and the coleslaw as sides. Perhaps attempting to relate to the sheltered taste buds of Loudoun barbeque enthusiasts, our table included Memphis and North Carolina style sauces, along with the Texas style.

Our food came out incredibly quickly, even for a barbeque restaurant, which, looking back, should have alerted me to as to what to expect. As I dug into the beef and sausage, I was struck by how utterly average the food was. The sauce was okay. The sides were okay. The barbeque was okay. Maybe I had built it up too much, fueled by my lust for Texas BBQ and the menu’s rather bold claim of having “the best barbeque anywhere.”

I was trying very hard to like the Q Company, but after two additional visits, I was forced to face the undeniable fact that the food was simply not that great. It’s worth trying for anyone looking for something new (especially if you’re not paying), but if you’re stuck in a decision between the Q Company and one of your old favorites, don’t feel compelled to branch out.

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