Terror Triumphs: Huskies beat Raiders 48-14

Crush County (Bailey Jenkins) (Nick Giuliano)
Junior Nick Guiliano plows through the Loudoun County defensive line.
Photo by Bailey Jenkins.

By Rikki Pepino

The Tuscarora Huskies, who were aiming to avenge a loss at the hands of the Raiders in last year’s Region II playoffs, won with a very decisive 48-14 final score in the October 4th Crush County match against Loudoun County High School.

Since it was one of the most anticipated games of the season, the game wasn’t just about the players but about the fans as well. It was an all out spirit battle between the Tusky Terror and the Raider Riot, and both certainly did not disappoint.

“Amazing! I literally felt the school spirit,” said junior Charlie Allworth. “Both the players and the fans showed immense pride and moxie, and I couldn’t have asked [for] a better way to spend a Friday night.”

The Huskies and Raiders had a slow start in the first quarter, but soon junior quarterback Tae Crews-Naylor gave the Raiders a 7-0 lead on an 18-yard pass to senior Michael Rexrode. The teams exchanged turnovers until a Raider punt left the Huskies in a scoring position. Junior Noah Reimers carried 26 yards to give the Huskies a 14-7 lead. Tuscarora got 424 yards total offense with six rushing touchdowns. Reimers got 93 yards on 13 carries and scored the team’s first touchdown.

“I felt we came out a bit too emotional and made some early mistakes,” said Head Varsity Coach Michael Burnett. “After we settled down, I felt that we played an excellent football game.”

In the second quarter, Huskies livened up the stadium with sophomore Daniel Smith and senior Mali Barker, both of whom scored to create a lead of 28-7. Smith made the first touchdown, while Barker followed up with two touchdowns in the last few minutes. Barker had 58 yards on 10 carries, and Smith added 54 with 4.

In the second half of the game, the Terror rumbled, and the Riot let out a thundering shout as the Huskies’ Josh Middleton scored a 62-yard sprint for a touchdown. He had 63 yards on just two rushes. With the Huskies leading 28-7, Reimers was able to take the second half of the game off.

County tried to make a comeback in the fourth quarter, as they were trailing the Huskies 41-14. But alas, the Huskies made their continuous efforts useless as an 89-yard kickoff return by sophomore Jonathan Roebuck won Tuscarora the game 48-14.

“We felt that we have worked very hard to become a better team than last season and were confident our hard work would pay off,” said Burnett.

“It think team played really well,” said junior Nick Giuliano. “A lot of players had a really good game, and the team was really in sync that night. It was going to be a very emotional game since it was with Loudoun County, so we had to win it.” Giuliano also had a great night, as he intercepted a pass from the Raiders.

As Raiders fans left the stadium in the final minutes of the game, the Tusky Terror, along with its former leader Kyle O’Connor, celebrated its coronation as Ruler of the Burg. “The Tusky Terror was really spirited in that game,” said junior Ben Drew. “It wasn’t as good as last year’s crowd, but it was good nonetheless. Kyle coming back was great. He and I are really good friends, so it was nice to see him lead the Terror again.”