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Enforced Parking Rules Take Effect

By Zech Capco

On Monday, October 7, 2013, new rules for drop-off and pickup of students took effect. As opposed to dropping off and picking up students in the front of the school, parents must now park in the teacher parking lot. In the afternoon, traffic will be regulated in order to maintain a consistent flow.

In the morning and afternoon, assistant principals Mr. Justin Martin and Mrs. Denise Coon, safety and security officer Mr. Carl Opauski, and several other staff members direct parents that are dropping off or picking up their children to the teacher parking lot. Parents are directed to park there and wait for their child to exit the school.The new system appears to have slowed traffic during both the morning and afternoon.

“In the beginning it’ll hinder, but when parents get used to it, it should alleviate some of the problems,” said Mr. Opauski.

The new parking rules have so far been met with a negative response. Several students have voiced their discontent with the new system and made their views clear.

“I think the new rules made getting in and out of the school so much slower and more difficult. The old way was so much faster, and people had an easier time getting in and out of the school,” said senior Jorge Villafuerte.

Even though the rules have been met by opposition, freshman Mohammad Ahmad welcomed them and thought of them as a necessity. “They make it a lot easier for cars to come in and out of the school,” said Ahmad.

It may take some time before people adjust to the new parking rules, but on Tuesday, October 15, the second entrance to Tuscarora High School was opened in order to let buses enter and leave. With the second entrance open, the flow of traffic should be smoother, as buses will not have to go through the same entrance as other drivers.

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