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Would You Rather?

Would you rather #1

By Madeline Swank

1.  Would you rather play in a home game or away game?

Out of 24 students surveyed, four percent said that they would rather play in an away game, while the other 96% said they enjoyed playing their sport with the home support of Tuscarora fans. “There are more fans at a home game, and it makes me feel pumped,” says sophomore Luisa Santos, who runs cross country and plays basketball and lacrosse.

2.  Would you rather attend a blue out, black out, or white out game?

As “Tusky Huskies,” we bleed blue, black, and white, but when given the choice, what do we choose? Out of 24 surveyed, about 63% of students chose blue out over black out or white out. It’s hard to pass up the bold royal blue, and for some it happens to be their favorite color. The black out came in a close second with 33% of students choosing to show their Husky pride in all black. Only four percent who were surveyed chose white out.

 3.  Would you rather drink water or a sports drink before playing in a game?

With all the different types of sports drinks available these days, you would think that they would be the student’s top choice, but  these Tuscarora students chose to stay original with water before every game. Out of the 24 students surveyed, 62% would rather have water than a sports drink before a game. The rest of the student population, 38%, would prefer to enjoy the sugary drink before heading out to play in a game.

 4. Would you rather sit in the Tusky Terror section of the bleachers or the regular section?

Known for painted bodies and screaming students, it’s no doubt that about 88% of 24 students surveyed would rather cheer in the Tusky Terror part of the stands than the regular section. About 12% of students would rather sit in the regular section of the stands. The Tusky Terror, run by senior Joey Harrison and  juniors Ryan Cambetes and Thomas Kronenberg, explodes with special cheers like the “roller-coaster” and “I believe” from the kick-off to the very last second of the fourth quarter.

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