Noah Reimers steers Tuscarora to victory, beating Woodgrove 21-14


By Rikki Pepino

Tuscarora opened the season with immense spirit and power as it beat Woodgrove with a close score of 21-14 last Friday, September 6, at home. Junior Noah Reimers led the team to victory, rushing for 164 yards and two touchdowns.

As it was their first home opener, both the fans and the team had to show their rivals who they were up against, and they did not disappoint. The crowd’s cheering from both sides of the field kept rising as more and more people filled the stands. “This is going to be a great season,” said sophomore Tony James. “The energy the team and the crowd were giving off is one [of] the reasons why we won this game.”
Tuscarora broke out with Reimers’ 6-yard touchdown, which gave the team a 7-0 lead. Woodgrove then answered back late in the first quarter with Joshua Sweet scoring a 2-yard touchdown to tie the game 7-7.
Supporting Reimers was senior Mali Barker, scoring a 26-yard touchdown and giving the lead back to Tuscarora (14-7) late in the first quarter. Barker also added 60 yards on 10 carries.
Woodgrove then attempted to make a comeback in the third quarter as Sweet went for the 2-yard touchdown, catching up to Tuscarora. However, Tuscarora still retained its lead (21-14). Sweet led Woodgrove throughout the game with 159 yards rushing on 28 carries, including 100 in the second half of the game, and scored all of the Wolverines’ touchdowns.
Tuscarora held its own in the fourth quarter, managing its lead of 21-14 and gaining its first home game victory. “Great game. That’s all I have to say,” said sophomore Dylan Bowles. “I give props to Woodgrove. They played really well.”
Tuscarora’s next game will be Thursday, September 12, at Loudoun Valley High.