[Insert Name Here] PROM?

By: Shalom Montero and  Katie Forcade.

The first thing seen by the students of THS when they came back from spring break was “YUNA PROM?” spelled out in balloons by senior Dominic Gavan and a group of friends as Gavan asked his girlfriend to prom. This was just the beginning of the prom fever that has flooded Tuscarora over the last few weeks as everyone gets more and more anxious for May 18th. Guys have piped icing on cupcakes and cakes, and one even made his girlfriend do a scavenger hunt just to make her find a teddy bear with the words “It would be unbearable if you didn’t go to prom with me.”

Not everyone wanted to go to prom or got the prom fever right away. Some didn’t really want to go at the beginning and were convinced to go by their friends or the fact that they had a date to go with after all. Senior Vinnie Thekkel is no different; she decided that she was going to prom after her friend asked her. “We were joking around in math class a few weeks [ago] about going to prom,” said Thekkel when talking about her prom date, senior Eric Grimm. “I wasn’t going to go to prom, but then he invited me.”

Teenagers feel a lot better about going in groups than just going with their dates. Inside these groups are friends going together, boys who asked their girlfriends, and even some girls who gave it a shot and asked a guy. It is very interesting to see seniors going as groups, especially when we have a huge group of about 40 teenagers but also about

Senior Turner Orndorf  asked his girlfriend Sarah Keller, senior, to prom in an unusual manner. “I bought a round chocolate cake and wrote in pink icing ‘Sara, Prom?’” said Orndorf. They have been going out since January of this year and even though it was expected for them to go together, the way that she was asked surprised Keller.

    Courtney Young, senior, was surprised in the way that her boyfriend Ian Spence asked her to prom. “[He] asked me by making me a scavenger hunt, and the last clue was a teddy bear holding a sign that said, ‘It’d be unbearable if you didn’t go to prom with me,’” said Young. She was very surprised that she got to be on the prom court, saying, “I’m not expecting anything because I didn’t want be disappointed.” Jenny Klug is another senior who was also asked to prom in a different way. Her boyfriend Max Schaufeld took her to a Capitals game, then “had Slapshot [the team mascot] come down.”

    Prom has come so fast that at this point it’s too late to say that people are still asking each other, but it is early enough to think about the groups and the hassle that comes with girls getting ready for their dates, “just friends” or otherwise.