Top 7 Tips for Making it to the End of the Year

By Meilan Solly

           As the end of the school year arrives, students at Tuscarora eagerly await summer. A few major obstacles stand in their way, however. AP exams, finals, projects, and SOLs are just a few of the things students have to successfully navigate before finally reaching summer and all its glorious freedom. So, how can a typical student manage to reach the end of the year without going crazy from stress or anticipation?

7. Use a calendar.

Buy a calendar with your favorite celebrity on the cover, use an online calendar, or utilize the calendar in your student agenda. Make note of how many days are left until summer, and realize that it will be here before you know it. In addition to using a calendar to count down to summer, write down important reminders such as project due dates and exam days. This way, you can stay organized and know what is coming up while also seeing summer’s rapid approach day by day.

6. Plan out your summer.

Take time to figure out how you are going to spend your summer. Are you going to get a job? Participate in an internship? Do some serious thinking about what you want to gain from your three month vacation. While it is always nice to have a lot of free time, summer is also a great opportunity to make some money or gain experience in a field you are interested in.

5. Make a to do list.

May and June are probably two of the most stressful months of the year. They are crammed full of standardized testing and endless projects, and before long many students find themselves completely overwhelmed. At times like this, it is best to make a to do list. Write down everything you need to do, and give every item a due date. This way you can make sure to finish everything in a timely fashion while also minimizing stress.

4. Take time to relax.

As many students are involved in several sports, clubs, and organizations, they often find that there is no time to relax. Between practice, homework, and meetings, it can seem like the only option available is to work into the early hours of the morning, fall into bed, wake up early, and repeat the process again and again. While it is true that the majority of students are faced with a tremendous workload, there is always a little bit of time to relax. Instead of starting homework immediately after arriving home, take a fifteen minute break. Watch TV, text a friend, go on a walk, or do anything else that will help you calm down. Don’t believe that taking time to relax will only make you fall more behind. If you are truly relaxed, you will be able to focus more and therefore finish faster.

3. Look ahead to next year.

Sure, summer is going to be fantastic, but don’t forget that school will be back before you know it. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. Reflect on this year, along with all the positives and negatives it brought. Then remember that the wonderful thing about the 2013-2014 school year is that no one knows what it will entail. Maybe you’ll meet the love of your life or get accepted into your dream school. On a smaller scale, you may just be able to boast accomplishments like getting an A in your hardest class. Either way, you should look forward to next year simply because it will bring a new experience that will continue to shape you as you continue on your journey through high school.

2. Stay focused.

So, you have your to do list and calendar, and you’re absolutely bursting with excitement. Summer is getting closer with every passing day, and you can almost feel the salty spray of the waves cooling you down as you tan under a blazing beach sun. The only problem is you’re still in school, sitting at a desk, and taking notes. The prospect of summer is enough to make anyone suffer from a minor case of senioritis. After all, freedom is so close you can almost taste it. Why should you try? The year is almost over. Remember, though, that summer does not start until you finish marking the last answer on your 8th block exam on June 6th. Until then, you need to stay focused and work hard, because even if you wish it didn’t work this way, the last grades you receive in the year are ones which majorly affect your overall course grades.

1. Congratulate yourself.

Before you run out of the doors of Tuscarora on your way to a summer kickoff celebration, take a second to congratulate yourself. You survived another year, and in most cases, you probably accomplished quite a lot. Maybe you earned straight A’s, or maybe you earned a leadership position in a club. Either way, you successfully navigated through the 2012-2013 school year, and you are one step closer to meeting your future. Congratulations.