Letter to the Editor

What makes you unique? Or a better question: what makes Tuscarora unique?

The Tuscarora student body does not know how many people actually care for this school.
The student organization PEER has put up the biggest fight for the causes of individuality and friendship within the school. What does our student body do in return? We throw it right back into the faces of those who actually care. Most of the time one would think, “Hey, let the seniors lead us,” or “The seniors will show us the way.” But in actuality, the seniors aren’t doing a thing for our school or our students, just like the Class of 2012. Instead, seniors are leaving another imprint on the underclassmen, showing that it is better to hate our own school and disrespect those who inhabit it. Think about the amount of effort that PEER put into Unity Week just to get students to branch out and try talking to someone else, or to be kind to somebody and expect no reward.
People are wondering where we are going to be in a few years.

We, as upper classmen, are not taking this position seriously. We are showing no signs of change from our predecessors. What will that do to our sophomores, or better yet, our freshmen? One day they will be seniors, and if we don’t teach them, they will be doomed to repeat our mistakes.

So, what does make Tuscarora unique?
Right now, general immaturity and blatant disrespect for the administration and those who want to make a difference.
Are the students willing to change?
February 26th was the day of the Black History Month assembly, which was yet another opportunity for us to show respect to the people who went through so much to put on a performance for the Tuscarora student body, and yet again we managed to come up unsuccessful.

Yes, the assembly was a bit slow and didn’t mesh as well as it had in prior years. But we had excellent effort out there and a great MC. The fact is that some people were willing to take time out of their busy lives to show the true purpose of Black History Month. They put on a show and tried to appeal to us through Ethos (ethics) and Pathos (emotion). But then again, that would require common sense and feelings in requite.

Throughout that assembly, all I felt was general disrespect.
As soon as the lights dimmed, the standards of this new age were shown. To both my left and right, the cellphones of most of the senior class were lighting up the majority of the auditorium and all of the light kindled into one large flame of disobedience, neglect for authority, and apathy. Excellent job yet again, seniors! Excellent job of setting an example for everyone at this school!

So I ask yet again: what makes Tuscarora so unique?

Is there still a chance to change if the student body puts this much effort forth?

-Toriano J. Davis, senior