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The Upbringing of the SCA Generation

By: Meghan Kolcum
The SCA is booming full-speed ahead with a clear tunnel of visionary ideas that are coming into action in preparation for the best possible school year. Thoughts and hopes cherished by the Student Council Association for the rest of this year include fundraising ideas, Mr. Tuscarora, and other school-wide events. The SCA is an organization that meets during third block in Mrs. Badger’s room. There is no grade for this class, just a full blast of participation from students in all four grade levels. These students have to work together in order to achieve goals for the school. They are also under pressure because they are trying to please the student body as a whole through a variety of activities everyone will enjoy, or at least the majority.
None of these tasks, hopes, and dreams could ever be accomplished without the help of Mrs. Crawford or Mrs. Badger. These teachers take time out their own schedules to make sure the SCA’s vision for the school becomes reality. Mrs. Badger and Mrs. Crawford bring an expansion of cheerfulness, and a sentimental aura of trust surrounds both of them. Their hope and dedication of only wanting the best for the student body cannot even be put into words. The class takes place in Mrs. Badger’s room, where a welcoming and comfortable vibe is set in stone. Mrs. Crawford specifically made it known that if any of the students have trouble with anything to always come to her and to always be open and not afraid to have your own “ranting moment.”
The ideas of the executive board (made up of the members listed below) are crucial and structured, and voting must be intact with all that they do. “I love working with everyone,” says Shelby Anderson, co-president. The executive board includes seniors Kyle O’Connor and Shelby Anderson (Co-Presidents), Drake Etheridge (Vice President), senior Meghan Kolcum (Secretary), sophomore Milan Ball (Co-Secretary), junior Forest Langhorne (Historian), sophomore Robert Lambourne (Co-Historian), senior Anna Cho (Treasurer), and sophomore Casey Molina (Parliamentarian). These officers collaborate in order to make sure the student body is soaking up school spirit and enjoying every second of it.
Their executive decisions have allowed the student body to enjoy things like the Crush County t-shirts, two pep rallies, and homecoming week so far this year. When coming up with ideas for the school, the SCA members all sit down together and share ideas that are jotted down on the whiteboard. They then narrow down their ideas and, finally, vote on their favorite. It’s an easy way of organizing and accomplishing tasks like deciding the homecoming theme. “For homecoming, the Olympics was such a hot topic it was easy to get people involved,” says Milan Ball. The SCA has been in charge of putting on pep rallies, selling t-shirts and putting on homecoming so far this year.
New members and extra help are always important and nice to have. If you or someone you know is interested in joining SCA, then let one of the executive board members know. “We also ask for advisory [classes] to give us a representative. If you aren’t a representative we still encourage you to attend the meetings and participate in all SCA sponsored activities and events,” says Anderson. In addition to all the fun-filled school activities, the SCA has much more in store for the student body this year: pep rallies, Mr. Tuscarora, fundraisers (especially during the holidays), and other school wide events. The SCA is a fun-filled fantastic, tough, motivating, inspirational and lifetime journey,“ says Anderson. This organization only desires the best for the student body. “In the end it’s all about helping the school and its students to have the best high school experience,” Drake Etheridge concludes.

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