An AP Class with Artistic Flair

By: Shalom Montero
LEESBURG, VA- Tuscarora offers a lot of AP classes each year; there are some quite common and others not so much. Everyone knows about the core classes and their APs. There is AP World History, AP U.S. History, and AP Calculus, to name a few. But there is one AP class that not everyone knows about, and the class this year is comprised of four senior girls. That class is AP Art.
Instead of a traditional exam, the students in AP Art had to create 24 pieces of art based on a theme. Senior Annie Archer says, “The first 12 could be breath section (did not have to follow a theme) while the second 12 [were] concentration pieces (did follow theme.)” The first 12 pieces could be from any art piece that the students made and chose to use; this was a great help because it increased the amount of time that students were able to devote to their themed pieces. The students in AP Art decide their theme in the beginning of the year. To test their skill and see what they can bring to the table, Mr.Haller has students who are planning on taking AP Art give him pieces over the summer.
“I wish it was longer because you get really into it and then it stops,” says Archer. The themes range from Change Over Time, Seven Deadly Sins, Life Into Fairytale, etc. These girls worked hard to get the portfolios in on time for May 11th. They had some difficulty finishing all of their 12 pieces for their portfolios because they wanted to go back and make a certain piece, if not all of them, better. Senior Rhiannon Blakeman explains that “you get a new idea and you want to get those ready” and then before you know it you are missing bits of the other art pieces you are making. Though the time is tight because of everything else going on, these girls liked the class very much. “I love the freedom that comes from it and hate the time restraint,” says Blakeman. She does not differ from the other girls, though. The class is not an easy grade, just like any other AP. You have to earn your grade while doing what you love.
When it came to these senior girls talking about next year and if they had any plans to make art part of their career, their thoughts were varied. Yes, no, and maybe were part of the mixture. They all do have the talent; however, they all think that you have to come in with a serious mind set. “I think if you love art you are going to love the class, but you have some serious time restrains and you have to take that seriously,” says Blakeman.