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Flourishing and Floundering #2- The Fire Drill Edition

By Brandon Ford

 Flourishing- Perhaps the most flourishing moment of the entire school year took place on March 1st, 2012 when the fire alarm went off and the entire school went outside for 30 minutes.  Between people sitting in circles singing Kumbaya and some goon blaring “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash on their iPod, the students had a straight up flourishing time during this glorified fire drill.  This staff writer even caught two unnamed individuals playing jacks, obviously not caring about the fate of their school and the future of their education.  Even though it was later revealed that some hooligan pulled the alarm, the students at Tuscarora had a flourishing time, and in my opinion, we should have more 30 minute fire drills, as it creates fantastic bonding time for the student body.

 Floundering- In addition to witnessing the most flourishing event in the history of Tuscarora this week, I might have witnessed the most floundering moment as well, and that was thieves who stole cookies from the lunch line.  I really don’t think I should elaborate on why stealing chips and cookies, both of which are under a dollar, is one of the most floundering things I’ve ever seen at this fine establishment known as Tuscarora High School.  If you’re that desperate for a cookie, scavenge the Walmart parking lot.  You’re bound to find at least a dollar’s worth in change there.  Try harder!

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