Is that really a Pep Rally?

By: Dominic Gavan
LEESBURG, VA- Yeah the winter sports pep rally was really short, it ran past 3:48, and it was chaotic; however, people don’t like our school, so why should it matter? Pep rallies are truly in the gutter for the Tusky Huskies. When I try to remember the first homecoming pep rally, I remember it lasting almost an hour, including many student games, and missing two Swag-less words. The first pep rally was a true one based on the fact that it actually got people pumped up and happy to be Huskies. I remember last year when pep rallies started to go on a downward slope: It was Husky Swag.
From the moment I heard those two words come out of Mr. Blair’s mouth, I came to two realizations. Swag was dead and so was the future of pep rallies. We had this unbelievably corny phrase and some hand motions to go along with it. The worst part of Husky Swag is that it was an honest attempt to get our class pumped. The reality is that a lot of the students have resentment towards our school (including me) and nothing, not even a catchy saying, will have an impact on us. That’s the real reason our pep rallies are not where we want them to be.
The winter sports pep rally was definitely a letdown, but like I said, that’s really our fault. There was one student-related game, and it was really hard to see what was going on during it. From my vantage point I saw a bunch of students in a circle making jerking movements. This isn’t exactly what gets me excited about our winter sports. Also, there was a lot going on at once, since the teams were standing on the far side of the gym while the dance team tried to grab all of our attention. If our student body started to care more about our school, maybe the pep rallies would improve and become one of the best parts of our school.
Back to our student body: If we don’t care at the end of the day, the administration is going to put less effort into fun things such as our rallies. As a student body we need to either stop downing our school or not expect fun things such as pep rallies to be amazing. We are the root of the problem for the pep rallies. I guarantee if everyone cared about the school then they would be much more enjoyable.  
Pep rallies are all about the students, so if we don’t care about our school then they are not going to be amazing. Yes, they could be longer, more interesting, and more interactive. For them to be like this, though, we have to meet them halfway and change our attitudes about our school. We need to stop complaining before we ruin the underclassmen’s attitudes.