Warning: Champions Under Construction

 By: Michael Nerantzis
“Next Year.” Those are very strong words when talking about a first year football program and contention for a state championship. But talk to head Coach Mike Burnett and his staff and they’ll tell you it’s a pretty realistic goal for the fairly young Tuscarora Huskies.
   When looking ahead at Tuscarora’s promising future, Coach Burnett can’t help but look back on his past success at Broad Run. After going 5-5 in his first year and 10-1 in his second year, the Spartans still didn’t look like a legitimate contender going into the 2008 season. But they won big, compiling a 14-0 record, and charged through the playoffs on their way to their first of back to back championships and undefeated seasons. “The first one was more satisfying because we weren’t really expected to win and the guys worked so hard for it,” says Burnett.
   After winning his second title, Burnett decided to (with the help of his wife, a guidance counselor at Tuscarora) coach at Tuscarora along with the rest of his assistant coaches, and serve as the head of the social studies department. “The players really were disappointed because we really had something going,” said Burnett, about his Broad Run players’ reaction to the news.
   Could it be de ja vu’ all over again? Is it possible that in couple years as a new head coach he leads his team to one or maybe even multiple state championships? We will just have to stay tuned.