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Flourishing and Floundering

By: Brandon Ford
Flourishing: Rick Santorum.  This was a great man who was projected to drop out of the running for the Republican Presidential Nomination before Michelle Bachman and Rick “Strong” Perry but instead won the Iowa Caucus and flourished beyond what anybody expected.  Will he flourish all the way to the GOP Nomination?  I doubt it, as that honor will go to Mitt Romney, but come 2016 (because let’s be real, Obama is winning re-election), Santorum will be a force to be reckoned with and a major player for the GOP Nomination in four years.
Oh, and a shout out to James Cassar, who is currently flourishing with his book, The Asphalt Diaries, about to be released on February 15th
Floundering: The Word Swag.  This is a word that has been driven into the ground by people who lack a real vocabulary and/or are too unintelligent to use a replacement word.  Everything nowadays that is good is considered to have “swag.”  Even our school had adopted this vile word, and it is used as a chant at pep rallies in the context of “Husky Swag.”  Now, I don’t know if this is an attempt to be hip or just

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