5 Ways to Change The World 3


1.      The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Why donate? This charity helps to find missing children. It also works to stop child abduction and sexual exploitation.
How? For more information, visit www.missingkids.com

  1. Last Chance for Animals

Why donate? Last Chance for Animals (LCA) tries to raise awareness about animal rights. It enforces the idea that animals can experience pain just like humans.
How? Visit www.lcanimal.org

  1. International Rescue Committee

Why donate? This organization helps people who have been affected by war and prosecution.
How? Visit www.theirc.org

  1. Friends of the Earth

Why donate? Friends of the Earth protects the environment by revealing hazards and working to stop them.
How? Visit www.foe.org

  1. Project Hope

Why donate? Project Hope works to give healthcare to people worldwide. It educates people about different health problems and fights diseases like AIDS.
How? Visit www.projecthope.org
To learn about other charities, visit www.give.org or www.charitynavigator.org.